Research Facilites at
the Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture

Since its founding in 1974, the Institute has occupied a three-story building in a quiet corner of the Nanzan University campus. In addition to seminar and meeting rooms capable of holding up to 40 people, there are 24 individual offices available for Institute members and visiting scholars. Every office is equipped with a connection to the university LAN and there are usually computers available for Japanese and Western-language use.
 The core of the Institute building, spanning four floors from basement to third floor, is occupied by the libraries of the Institute for Religion and Culture and the Anthropological Institute. The Institute for Religion and Culture Library contains over 30,000 volumes, primarily for the use of institute members and visiting scholars. On display in two reading rooms are over 400 journals, half in Western languages, half in Oriental languages.

Japanese Philosophy Reference Materials

In addition, a special office has been set aside for materials related to Japanese philosophy. Some 2,800 volumes, drawn from the personal library of emeritus fellow James Heisig, are available for consultation. The collection includes selected works on Asian and Western philosophy as well as mystical and hermetic texts.

Paulus Heim Residence

The Paulus Heim, located within easy walking distance from Nanzan University, was built in 1979 as a residence for members of the Institute and its visiting scholars. Suppers are provided on weekdays and wireless internet connection is available throughout the house.

Accommodations are usually available for short-term visitors as well. The at-home atmosphere at the Heim provides an additional forum for discussion.

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