Log of Events for 2016–2017

20 May  
   Him Lal Ghimere arrives from Nepal for an 8-month research stay to compare the Lumbini and Shikoku Henro pilgrimage practices.
25 May  
   Rebecca Mendelson (Ph.D. candidate, Duke University) arrives for a 1-month research stay.
27 May  
   An informal meeting is held for religious studies researchers in the Aichi area. 16 people attend.
4-5 June  
   An international editoral meeting of the Advisory Board of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies is held at the Institute to discuess the future of the journal.
13-18 June  
   Okuyama Michiaki coordinates a summer course on Asian religions at Hartford Seminary.
15-19 June  
   Paul Swanson travels to Dunhuang, China, to attend a conference on “Sutra Transmission and Translation.”
25-26 June  
   The Institute hosts an international conference on “Views of Watsuji Tetsurō from around the World.”
24 July  
   The Institute hosts a research “salon” for local scholars. Papers were presented on Mariya Kannon by Hioki Naoko, and on Yotsuka Kaidan by Saito Takashi.
30-31 July  
   Paul Swanson travels to Tokyo to participate in a conference on “Tackling Pre-Modern Japanese Texts: New Horizons on Understanding” at the National Institute of Japanese Literature.
29 August  
   Park Yeonjoo arrives to begin her tenure as the 2nd international Nanzan Post-doc fellow (until April 2017).
8 September  
   Paul Swanson travels to Tokyo to serve as an outside reviewer of a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of Tokyo.
9 September  
   Paul Swanson and Okuyama Michiaki attend the Board of Regents meeting of the Japanese Asosciation for Religious Studies (Waseda University).
24 September  
   Thomas P. Kasulis, professor emeritus of Ohio State University, joins us for two months to complete work on his history of Japanese philosophy.
30 September  
   La filosofía japonesa en sus textos, the Spanish translation of Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook, is published by Herder Editorial of Barcelona.
14 October  
   The 2nd Nanzan Salon (meeting of local researchers) was held, with presentations by Kitta Naoki on “Radical Orthodoxy” and Minesaki Hiroko on the Ahmadiyya movement in Japan.
21 December  
   An in-house seminar is conducted by Him Lal Ghimere to report on his research and field work comparing pilgrimage to Lumbini and the Shikjoku Henro.
26-27 December  
   Paul Swanson attends the 63rd annual CORMOS conference in Kyoto.
6-17 January  
   Il-Seung Chung, ‎Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at Asia LIFE University, comes for a brief period of research.
27 January  
   The 3rd “Nanzan Salon” is held with presentations by Kurita Hidehiko on “Self-Imrovement and Political Movements in the Modern World,” and by Miyazaka Kiyoshi on “Buddhist Nationalism in Ladakh, India.”
   Inuzuka Yū resides at the Institute as a short-term visiting researcher.
22 February  
   Park Yeon Joo gives an in-house presentation on her research on “Medival Japanese Tendai Discourse on Kami and Kami-Buddha Amalgamation.”
23 February  
   Elvin and Yoshiko Suzuki-Zoet arrive for a month of work on their doctoral dissertations.
1 April  
   Yong-Joo Lee, Professor at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, begins a two-week stay to carry on his research in Confucian thought.
18 April  
   Rebeca Maldonado, professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México begins a seven-week stay at the Institute to research the thought of Tanabe Hajime.
21 April  
   A colloquium is held with Jin Y. Park (American University) on “Women and Buddhist Philosophy: Engaging Zen Master Kim Iryop.”

Other visitors

29 April   Ejima Naotoshi (Den-en Chofu University, Kawasaki, Kanagawa)
7 June   George Keyworth (Saskatchewan University, Canada)
10 June   Suma Ikeuchi (University of Alabama)
13 June   Paul Engler (Brent International School, Baguio, Philippines)
19 July   Sasha Jair Espinosa de Alba (Doctoral student, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)
22 July   Michael Conway, Takikawa Yoshihiro, and Hyōdō Yoshinori (Ōtani University)
27 July   Yamada Tomoaki, doctoral student, École des Hautes Études en Science Social, Paris, and research assistant at the Fond Ricoeur
28 July   Daniela Elisa Alvarez, graduate student, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires
7 August   Robert Norton, University of Notre Dame
27 August   Heiner Koch, practicing psychotherapist, Berlin
1 September   Xiao Yue, Researcher at the Research Institute of Bukkyō University
4–7 September    Alexander Lin, Princeton University and Tokyo University
19 September    Frédéric Girard, Visiting Scholar, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
6 October    Jacynthe Tremblay, Hokkaidō University
21 October    Michael Finkenthal, John Hopkins University
4 November    Lee Yong-Joo, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
22-24 February    Jason Lam, 道風山
6 April    Lowell Sheppard, HOPE International Development Agency, Japan
18 April    Raji Steineck, University of Zurich

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