Log of Events for 2017

6-17 January  
   Il-Seung Chung, ‎Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible at Asia LIFE University, comes for a brief period of research.
27 January  
   The 3rd “Nanzan Salon” is held with presentations by Kurita Hidehiko on “Self-Imrovement and Political Movements in the Modern World,” and by Miyazaka Kiyoshi on “Buddhist Nationalism in Ladakh, India.”
   Inuzuka Yū resides at the Institute as a short-term visiting researcher.
22 February  
   Park Yeon Joo gives an in-house presentation on her research on “Medieval Japanese Tendai Discourse on Kami and Kami-Buddha Amalgamation.”
23 February  
   Elvin and Yoshiko Suzuki-Zoet arrive for a month of work on their doctoral dissertations.
1 April  
   Yong-Joo Lee, Professor at the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, begins a two-week stay to carry on his research in Confucian thought.
18 April  
   Rebeca Maldonado, professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México begins a seven-week stay at the Institute to research the thought of Tanabe Hajime.
21 April  
   A colloquium is held with Jin Y. Park (American University) on “Women and Buddhist Philosophy: Engaging Zen Master Kim Iryop.”
26 May   
   The Fourth Nanzan Salon is held with presentations by Kiuchi Shō (Tōkai High School) on “Church Structure under James II: Catholicism and the Jacobite Movement” and Fukaya Masashi (The Open University of Japan) on “Popular Inscriptions on Temple Walls in Ancient Egypt.”
17 June  
   Two Junior Research Fellow at the Nanzan Institute present papers at a research meeting: Yokoi Momoko on “Measuring Japanese Religiosity” and Kurita Hideko on “The Birth of the Japanese New Religion Seichō no Ie and its Political Movement.”
20 June  
   A colloquium is held with Ro Yong-Chan of George Mason University on “Raimund Pannikar as Mystic: The Challenge to be Human.”
19 July  
   Or Porath (2017 Dissertation Fellow, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Program in Buddhist Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara) gives an in-house presentation on his research on “Intimate Dharma: Buddhism, Sexual Initiations, and Imperial Authority in Medieval Japan.”
21 July  
   A colloquium is held with Michiko Yusa (Western Washington University) on “The Contemplative Mood: Raimund Pannikar and Nishida Kitaro.”
19 August  
   Paul Swanson travels to Kyoto to attend the annual CORMOS Board meeting.
27 August  
   Yang Hae Won arrives for a seventh-month stay as a Visiting Research scholar.
28 August-September 4  
   Okuyama Michiaki and Paul Swanson travel to Lisbon, Portugal, to attend the EAJS conference.
4 September  
   Matt McMullen arrives for a seventh-month stay as a Post-Doc Research scholar.
   The first copies of Paul Swanson’s three-volume work Clear Serenity, Quiet Insight arrive from the University of Hawai’i Press.
6 September-October 26  
   Esther-Maria Guggenmos arrives for a six-week stay as a visiting researcher.
5 October  
   A colloquium is held with Jacynthe Tremblay on “Nishida’s Logic between 1923 and 1932.”
6 October  
   The Fifth Nanzan Salon is held with presentations by Hong Yi-Pyo on “What is the Japanese ‘Mainland’? Comparing Awareness among Japanese and Korean Christians,” and Yokoi Momoko on “Religion as the Defining Attributes of Cultural Activity.”
9-13 November  
   Paul Swanson travels to California to give lectures and workshops on the Mo-ho chih-kuan translation at the University of Los Angeles, University of Southern California (USC Shinso Ito Center for Japanese Religion and Culture), and University of California Santa Barbara.
17-21 October  
   Kim Seung Chul, Okuyama Michiaki, and Paul Swanson travel to Boston to attend the annual conference of the American Academy of Religion.
1 December  
   The Sixth Nanzan Salon is held with presentations by Andō Wataru (Dōhō University) on “Religious Revolts” and Kikuya Ryūta (Kyoto Hakubi Center) on “The Study of Manuscripts in India and Tibet.”
7 December  
   A colloquium is held with Clinton Godart on “Rethinking Japanese Militarism: Nichirenism and the Imperial Japanese Navy.”
7–8 January  
   The Nanzan Seminar for the Study of Religion and Culture (A Nagoya University JSPS Core-to-Core Program) was held, with 6 international PhD candidates and post-graduates presenting papers in Japanese.
10 January  
   A Japan-Korea workshop was held on “A Comparative Study of Measuring Religiosity in Korea and Japan, with 7 presentations by Japanaese and Korean scholars.

Other visitors

22-24 February    Jason Lam, 道風山
6 April    Lowell Sheppard, HOPE International Development Agency, Japan
18 April    Raji Steineck, University of Zurich
26 June    Gwyn McClelland, PhD student, Monash University (Australia)
26 June    Gereon Kopf and Tony Mutsune, Luther College (USA)
30 June    Pablo Vidal-González, Universidad Católica de Valencia (USA)
5 July    Sandra Hui-Chu Yu, National Pingtung University of Education (Taiwan)
10–12 July    Clark Chilson, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
13–15 July    Antonio Florentino Neto, Professor, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil
19 July    George Keyworth (University of Saskatchewan)
19–21 July    Saitō Takako, Lecture and Researcher at the Centre d’Études Japonaise, Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales (Paris)
2 August    S. J. K. Parker-Allotey, Ambassador, Republic of Ghana
3–4 August    Max Brandstadt, PhD student in Buddhist Studies, University of California at Berkeley
11–12 August    Yamada Tomoaki, PhD student, Paris
1 September   Joseph A. Henares, graduate student, Ohio State University
25 September   Sylvie Robert, Centre Sèvres, Facultés jésuites de Paris
1 December   Asuka Sango, Carleton College

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