Log of Events for 2018

7–8 January  
   The Nanzan Seminar for the Study of Religion and Culture (A Nagoya University JSPS Core-to-Core Program) was held, with 6 international PhD candidates and post-graduates presenting papers in Japanese.
10 January  
   A Japan-Korea workshop was held on “A Comparative Study of Measuring Religiosity in Korea and Japan,” with 7 presentations by Japanaese and Korean scholars.
28 January  
   Professor Gereon Kopf brings a group of students from Luther College, Iowa, to tour the Institute and meet with the staff.
5–16 February  
   Inuzuka Yū comes for a short research stay at the Institute.
22-23 February  
   An international workshop was held on “Translating Japan’s Religion and Culture: Preparations for a Korean Translation of Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook,” with presentations by Japanaese, Korean, Chinese, and Western scholars.
26 February-7 March  
   Murayama Yumi of the Center for Information on Religion (Tokyo) arrives for a short research stay and to assist with an international workshop on gender studies.
26 February-9 April  
   Esther-Maria Guggenmos of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, returns for another brief stay as a Visiting Research Fellow.
1 March  
   An international workshop was held on “Religion and gender: Frontline research” with presentations by Japanaese and Korean scholars.
22 May  
   Haewon Yang gives an in-house seminar on "Between Female Agency and Feminist Agency: Telling the Stories of Catholic Women Writers in Japan and South Korea."
5 June–15 August  
   Ōsaki Harumi (PhD McGill University) begins a 10-week stay as a Visiting Research Fellow
7 June  
   A colloquium is held with John Maraldo, Professor Emeritus, University of North Florida, on “The Question of Responsibility in Metanoetical Philosophy.”

Other visitors

2 March   John LeBreglio, Editor, The Eastern Buddhist
21 April   Myriam Constantino, Colegio de Mexico
1 May   Anthony Haynes, Clear Water Academy
19 May   Wang Yexing, Staff Reporter, Kyodo News
22–23 May   Clark Chilson, University of Pittsburg
6 June   Kin Cheung, Moravian College
11 June   Aaron Proffitt, University at Albany, SUNY

Cumulative Log 1977–2018