Academic Gatherings

Faith among Faiths

A series of lectures and workshops help around the world to study the transformations of traditional faiths in multireligious cultures.


Symposia are held on the average every second year, and the results published in book form.


Colloquia are held periodically in an informal setting with scholars from Japan and abroad

In-house Seminars

Members of the staff and visiting scholars occasionally present their research for discussion and criticism.

Workshops & Conferences

Over the years the Institute has hosted special gatherings in collaboration with local and international organizations.

Academic Associations


The Institute served as the headquarters of the Inter-Religio network in East Asia until its dissolution in 2005.


The Ecumenical Group for the Study of Interreligious Dialogue was an informal gathering of representatives of Christian interreligious institutes in Japan.

Scholarships and Resident Research


Post-doctoral scholarships

Since its founding, the Nanzan Institute has invited one or two young post-doctoral Japanese scholars to join the staff for a period of one or two years. During that time, these Junior Research Fellows carry on work in their own specialization, in addition to participating in the general events of the Institute and research projects of the senior members. Current and former Junior Research Fellows are listed on the staff pages.

East-Asian Visiting Research Fellowships

From 1982 to 2002, the Institute invited established scholars from Eastern Asia to spend up to one year with us, working on their own field of specialization and sharing their results with members of the staff in in-house seminars.


Extended Research

Visiting scholars who wish to spend time at the Institute should contact the Director to apply for the status of a Visiting Research Fellow (see list of former fellows). Please include a brief curriculum vitae and a statement of your intended research topic. As far as room is available, we will try to accommodate you with an office. You may also lodge with us at the Paulus Heim, space permitting.

The list of previous Visiting Research Fellows includes numerous Japan Foundation Fellowship grantees, Fullbright scholars, and NEH fellows, as well as individuals on sabbatical or privately funded. While at the Institute, such scholars have full use of the facilities of the Institute as well as the main library of the University and an extensive library of the theological faculty.

Roche Chair for Interreligious Research

On 1 November 2005, the Roche Chair for Interreligious Research at the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture (南山諸宗教研究講座) was officially established by the President and Senate of Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan.

Research Projects


Christianity in East Asia

A follow-up to "Pentecostalism in East Asia," this project aims to clarify the development of Christianity in contemporary Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China.

The Dialogue between Science and Religion

An Exploratory Assessment of the Science and Religion Dialogue in Japanese Religious Communities and Educational Institutions. Funded by the Templeton Foundation.


The History of Religious Studies in Japan


The Formation of Post-War Japanese Society and Buddhist Social Movements (2007-2009)

The Challenges of Religious Pluralism and Dialogue (2007)

Research Data on the Political Functions of Religoius Movements in Modern Japan (2005-2006)

In Search of Dialogue among Religions in the Middle East (2004)

Rumanian Translation Series "Nipponica" (2002)

The Formation of Eliade's Religious Studies (2002-2004)

Theoretical Questions in the History of Religions (1999-2000)

The Place of Japanese Philosophy Today (1999)