Christianity in East Asia

Field Research: Korea

1–5 March 2013

As part of our ongoing attempt to examine the current state of Christianity in East Asia, 7 members of the staff of the Nanzan Institute traveled to Seoul, South Korea. A Workshop was held at Korea University where local scholars made presentations on various aspects of Korean Christianity. The following day, a Sunday, was spent visiting the world’s largest Mega-Church, the Yoido Full Gospel Church, and later holding a discussion with a Presbyterian pastor.

The following two days were spent with Dr. Keel Hee-Sung, a former holder of the Roche Chair for Interreligious Research at the Nanzan Institute, at his research and meditation center on the island of Ganghwado. Dr. Keel delivered a lecture outlining the aims of his Center, which was followed by a lively discussion on the future possibilities for Christianity in Korea.