Christianity in East Asia

Field Research: Hong Kong

17–20 February 2014

The Institute’s research project on the current state of Christianity in East Asia took a further step with 7 members of the staff travelling to Hong Kong from 17 to 20 February 2014.
   On the day of our arrival we paid a visit to the Chinese University of Hong Kong where an extended and fruitful interchange took place with the Dean of the Department of Arts and Letters, Dr. Leung Yuen-sang. That night we were joined at supper by young faculty members for a lively interchange of ideas about the problems of rooting Christianity in Asian cultures.
   The following day the group split up, some going to the Holy Spirit Seminary, others to a local Taoist Temple. In the afternoon we regrouped at Tao Fong Shang where the director of the Institute for Sino-Christian Studies, Dr. Daniel Yeung hosted a formal meeting at which Dr. Jason’s Lam gave a presentation on the history and vision of their Institute, after which Paul Swanson and Kim Seung Chul spoke of the Nanzan project and its background. Dr. Yeung then hosted a supper at which the discussions continued.
   The next morning the staff meet with Dr. Cindy Chu, professor at Hong Kong Baptist University and an expert on the history of Catholicism in China. That afternoon we had a colloquium with Dr. Philip Wickeri in the Boshop’s quarters of the Hong Kong Anglican Church. His long experience with many varieties of Asian theology proved a fitting way to end the trip by opening up new doors for the future.