Open Search for a Senior Research Fellow

The Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture is initiating an open search for a position on the staff.
Details of the position and procedures for application are explained below. (Download PDF.)


    1 April 2020 to 30 June 2020


    Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture / Nanzan University


    Senior Research Fellow / Full, Associate, or Assistant Professor


    1 (preference given to applicants with a history of research activities in Japanese)


    1 April 2021


    Religious Studies, Japanese Religions


  1. Maintain personal research.
  2. Participate in the research activities of the Institute (e.g. apply for and run research projects; plan academic meetings; attend academic conferences, edit Institute publications; participate in administrative tasks).
  3. Teach the equivalent of 12 credit hours of classes per year.


  • The employment contract is subject to the Japanese Discretionary Labor System (Sairyō rōdōsei).


  1. PhD in Religious Studies or an area related to Japanese Religions.
  2. Preference will be given to applicants with experience teaching graduate courses and advising graduate students.
  3. A history of academic publications and participation in international academic conferences, preferably in both Japanese and English.
  4. Sufficient Japanese and English language ability to conduct classes, fully participate in the activities of the Institute, and assist in university administration.
  5. Willingness to reside in or near the Nagoya area.


  1. Full Curriculum Vitae (Rirekisho) in the Japanese style with educational background and research positions listed separately and in chronological order.
  2. List of Publications and Research Activities (Gyōseki ichiran), including MA and PhD degrees. Peer-reviewed publications should be clearly marked as such.
  3. Copies of five representative publications, which may include the PhD dissertation/thesis (print copies or PDFs are acceptable). Please note these publications in the List of Publications and Research Activities.
  4. Short-term research proposal (2 pages maximum) outlining personal research goals and activities.
  5. Copy of PhD certificate.

N. B.

    Applicants selected for the interview process may be requested to submit additional print copies of publications as well as letters of recommendation. It is possible for applicants outside of Japan, or those unable to schedule an in-person interview, to conduct the interview via the internet.


    • Print copies should be submitted by a trusted courier to:

NIRC Search Committee
c/o Director, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
Nanzan University
18 Yamazato-chō, Shōwa-ku, Nagoya, Japan 466-8673
TEL 81-52-832-3111

Materials submitted electronically should be sent by email: Please contact us for details regarding the electronic submission process: shubunken-koubo[ATMARK]


  • For further details concerning the activities of the Nanzan Institute, please consult the Institute home page or inquire by email shubunken-koubo[ATMARK]
  • Materials submitted for the application will not be returned to the applicant. If you wish a book or offprints to be returned, please submit a self-addressed envelope with instructions.
  • Information gathered for the application process will be handled in a confidential manner in line with Nanzan policies concerning private information and will not be used for any purpose other than the application process.