Workshops & Conferences

Views of Watsuji Tetsurō from around the World (25–26 June 2016)

An open Workshop on Watsuji’s Philosophy at the Nanzan Institute.

Rethinking Religious Diversity in Japan (24 October 2015)

An open Workshop, co-sponsored by the Critical Analysis of Religious Diversity (CARD) Network of Denmark, with presentations by Lene Kuhle, Jorn Borup, Marianne Qvortrup Fibiger, Okuyama Michiaki, Kobayashi Naoko, and Murayama Yumi.

Interreligious Workshops for Seminarians (1982–1987)

A series of workshops was organized by the staff of the Nanzan Institute for Catholic seminarians with the aim of giving participants direct contact with the major religious traditions of Japan

Encounter Dialogue in Japanese Religion (1992)

From 24 to 26 February, a group of about 12 seminarians gathered at the Yamashina Hongan-ji Betsuin to discuss the meaning of interreligious dialogue. Speakers included Sasaki Shõten and Ōmura Eishō, who explained Pure Land dogmatics and the daily life of believers.

Encounter with Pure Land Buddhism (1987)

From 10 to 13 September 1987 a dozen seminarians from across Japan gathered in the Yamashina Betsuin outside of Kyoto for an intensive encounter with the thought and prayer of Pure Land Buddhism. Speakers included Takeda Ryūsei of Ryūkoku University.

Encounter with Esoteric Buddhism (1986)

From 26 to 29 December 1986, a total of 12 seminarians from 5 seminaries across Japan gathered at Daien-in on Mount Kōya for prayers, discussion, and interchange with Shingon priests. A report of this encounter was subsequently published in the Nanzan Bulletin by one of the seminarians.

The Japanese and Prayer (1985)

The first seminar was held from 1 to 4 September, 1985, at the Carmelite Retreat House in Uji. Some 16 seminarians from Tokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and elsewhere attended. Speakers included Okumura Ichirō, a Catholic priest; Hõzumi Genshō, a Rinzai Zen monk; and Ōgaki Toyotaka, priest at the Grand Shrines of Ise and director of its Department of Doctrine.

“The Dialogue among Religions: Reports from around the World” (22 March 2005)

“In Search of Dialogue among Religions in the Middle East” (21 March 2005)

“What is ‘Salvation”?” (13 December 2006)

The first meeting of the Association of Institutes for Dialogue.