Studies in Japanese Philosophy

Edited by Takeshi Morisato

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  1. James W. Heisig, Much Ado about Nothingness: Essays on Nishida and Tanabe (2015)
  2. Nishitani Keiji, Nishida Kitarō: The Man and His Thought (2016, reprint)
  3. Tanabe Hajime, Philosophy as Metanoetics (2016, reprint)
  4. Sueki Fumihiko, Religion and Ethics at Odds: A Buddhist Counter-Position (2016)
  5. Nishida Kitarō, La logica del luogo e la visione religiosa del mondo (2017, reprint)
  6. James W. Heisig, Filosofi del nulla. Un saggio sulla scuola di Kyoto (2017, reprint)
  7. Nishitani Keiji, Dialettica del nichilismo (2017, reprint)
  8. Ueda Shizuteru, Zen e filosofia (2017, reprint)
  9. Nishida Kitarō, Autoéveil. Le système des universels (2017)
  10. Jan Gerrit Strala, Der Form des Formlosen auf der Spur. Sprache und Denken bei Nishida (2017)
  11. Nishitani Keiji, La religione e il nulla (2017, reprint)
  12. Jan Van Bragt, A Soga Ryōjin Reader (2017)
  13. John C. Maraldo, Japanese Philosophy in the Making 1: Crossing Paths with Nishida (2017)
  14. Nishitani Keiji, Zen, filosofia e scienza (2017, reprint)
  15. Nishitani Keiji, La religión y la nada (2017, reprint)
  16. Nishitani Keiji, Nishida Kitarō. L’uomo e il filosofo (2018)
  17. Nishida Kitarō, La Détermination du néant marquée par l’autoéveil (2019)
  18. Andrew Feenberg, Nishida, Kawabata, and the Japanese Response to Modernity (2019)
  19. John C. Maraldo, Japanese Philosophy in the Making 2: Borderline Interrogations  (2019)
  20. Taitetsu Unno, ed., The Religious Philosophy of Nishitani Keiji: Encounter with Emptiness (2019, reprint)
  21. Nishida Kitarō, Problèmes fondamentaux de la philosophie I: Le monde de l’agir (2020)
  22. Hans Waldenfels, Absolute Nothingness: Foundations for a Buddhist-Christian Dialogue (2020)
  23. Nishida Kitarō, Intuition and Reflection in Self-Consciousness (2020, reprint)
  24. Taitetsu Unno and James W. Heisig, ed., The Religious Philosophy of Tanabe Hajime: The Metanoetic Imperative (2020, reprint)
  25. Jacynthe Tremblay, Le lexique philosophique de Nishida Kitarō: Japonais-français, Français-japonais (2020)
  26. Myriam-Sonja Hantke, Mística en la filosofía alemana y japonesa: Schelling, Hegel, Nishitani (2020)
  27. John C. Maraldo, The Saga of Zen History and the Power of Legend (2021)
  28. Fujita Isshō, Nagai Hitoshi, and Yamashita Ryōdō, Buddhism 3.0: A Philosophical Investigation (2021)

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