Origins and Possibilities

Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy 3

James W. Heisig Uehara Mayuko, eds.

Nagoya: Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, 2008.. vi+304 pages.

Also available as an eBook
The fourteen essays gathered together in this, the third volume of Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy, represent one more step in ongoing efforts to bring the concerns of twentieth-century Japanese philosophy into closer contact with philosophical traditions around the world. As its title indicates, the aims are twofold: to reflect critically on the work of leading figures in the modern academic philosophy of Japan and to straddle the borderlands where they touch on the work of their counterparts in the West.

A first group of essays deals with the modern Japanese philosophers Kuki Shūzō, Nishida Kitarō, Nishitani Keiji, and Takizawa Katsumi. These are followed by three essays on comparisons with classical Western thought and three with contemporary philosophy. The final three contributions offer reflections on the role of Japanese philosophy today.

The Table of Contents and Introduction are available for downloading.

Individual essays may also be downloaded free of charge from the cumulative list of essays on Japanese Philosophy.