Remembering the Kana

A Guide to Reading and Writing the Japanese Syllabaries in 3 Hours Each

James W. Heisig

Honolulu: University of Hawai’i Press. 3rd edition, 2007..

[Also available as an Apple iBook.]

Based on the same principles of imaginative memory emploed in the best-selling series Remembering the Kanji, Remembering the Kana combines methods for learning hiragana and katakana in a single volume. (The Katakana part was prepared in collaboration with Helmut Morsbach and Kurebayashi Kazue.)
Though its self-teaching methods are not for everyone, and are virtually useless in a classroom setting, students from around the world have testified that the claim it makes—to help you to learn the Japanese syllabaries in 3 hours each—is justified.
This book is also available in German, Dutch, and Spanish editions.

“If English is your native language and you’re at least a teenager or older, I think this is the fastest method to learn Hiragana. I struggled for many years trying to memorize Hiragana. I really was convinced I would never learn it. With this book and spending less than one hour a day for three days on the lessons, I can honestly say I really LEARNED to read and write Hiragana. My friends and family are truely amazed.”
– Amazon reviewer

“I had been struggling for three years with the Japanese syllabry, only to accidentally find this book and finish in three hours. It uses a uniques approach that I have been trying to find for years.'”
– Amazon reviewer

“Fantastisch. Besser geht es nicht mehr. Heisig erstellt ein Bild für jedes Symbol aus dem Hiragana/Katakana und verbindet ein Wort damit das der Silbe entspricht. Auf diese Art kann man tatsächlich innerhalb kürzester Zeit das Kana erlernen. Der einzige Nachteil ist, das Heisig die amerikanische Ausprache der Worte benutzt, so ist es nicht wirklich einsichtig für einen nicht Nativespeaker warum die Silbe ‘a’ ausgesprochen werden sollte wie das Wort ‘on’. Ich habe es mit Hilfe dieses Buches geschafft, das Kana innerhalb lediglich einer Woche zu lernen.”
– Amazon reviewer

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