West-östliche Mystik

Rudolf Otto Trans. by James W. Heisig & Hino Shōun

Kyoto: Jinbun Shoin, 1993.

This book represents the first Japanese translation of Rudolf Otto’s classical study of the celebrated medieval mystic Meister Eckhart and his Indian counterpart, Shankara. In this thoroughgoing study Otto—perhaps best known for The Idea of the Holy—examines doctrines of salvation, knowledge, soul, and religion in the two thinkers to highlight their similarities and differences.

Based on the original and critical German editions, the translation consults the original Sanskrit and Latin texts to provide a complete translation (which does not yet exist in English). In addition, a complete bibliography of the works of Otto is included as an appendix.

The translation was honored with the Japan Culture Translation Award in 1993.

HINO Shōun, a specialist in Indian philosophy, is Associate Professor at Gifu Pharmaceutical University. Hanazono Toshimaru is Professor at Tõhoku University and specializes in the history of religions.

James W. HEISIG is a permanent fellow of the Nanzan Institute.

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