Ecstatic Spontaneity

Saraha's Three Cycles of Dōha

Herbert Guenther

Fremont, CA: Asian Humanities Press, 1993.

As is so often the case with major religious figures in the history of India, almost nothing factual is known of the sage Saraha. Yet to judge by the frequency with which his work is cited and the extent to which his style has been imitated, there is no denying that he was of immense importance for the mystic philosophers and poets of Tibet as well as for certain thinkers in India. For Saraha, the spontaneity that marks lived experience, which in turn is inseparable from the living body, is felt as an ecstasy that draws us beyond the confines of the mental and the material.

In this volume, Saraha’s Doha; trilogy is presented with a contemporary interpretation, along with a complete, annotated translation.

Herbert Guenther is a scholar and translator of the first order, one who is a master not only of the syntactic aspects of his subject, but also of the semantic ground from which it flows.

Allan Combs

Herbert GUENTHER was Professor Emeritus of Far Eastern Studies at the University of Saskatchewan.