Absolute Nothingness

Foundations For A Buddhist-Christian Dialogue

Hans Waldenfels, trans. by J. W. Heisig

New York: Paulist Press, 1980.

Available now as a Chisokudō reprint.

A major breakthrough in Buddhist-Christian dialogue, Absolute Nothingness is a comparative study that attempts to relate the Kyoto School of Buddhist philosophy to the Christian tradition. Among the major questions treated in this book is that of spiritual emptiness as it is experienced in the traditions of East and West. The author brings to his book the skills of a theologian and the sensitivities of one who has studied Buddhism in Japan.

Not only does it lay the foundation for a Buddhist-Christian dialogue, it also clarifies the question for the theory of interreligious dialogue in general.

Paul Knitter

This is the first extended treatment in English of the relationship between being and non-being, of Buddhist emptiness and Christian ideas of divine kenosis rooted in unfathomable divine love. Highly recommended.

Library Journal

…the best single volume on the comparison of the concepts of God and emptiness and its many implications for the Buddhist-Christian dialogue.

Joseph Spae