Religion and Nothingness

Nishitani Keiji trans. by Jan Van Bragt

Berkeley: University of California Press, 1982.

In Religion and Nothingness one of the leading figures in the Kyoto School of philosophy lays the foundations for a world in the making, a world united beyond the differences of East and West, Buddhism and Christianity. Taking absolute nothingness as the central notion in rational explanations for the Eastern experience of human life, Nishitani examines the relevance of this notion for contemporary philosophy, religion, and life.

The publication of this volume…confronts a Western audience with the most seminal work of the most distinguished living Eastern thinker, a thinker who is at once a Buddhist and a contemporary philosopher, and a philosopher who fully and decisively engages the most overwhelming problem and crisis of our time and world, namely nihilism.

Thomas J. J. Altizer

…a major contribution to the growing body of scholarship being generated by the interaction between Buddhist philosophers on the one hand and Western philosophers and theologians on the other.

John B. Cobb, Jr.