The Religious Philosophy of Tanabe Hajime

The Metanoetic Imperative

Taitetsu Unno, J. W. Heisig, eds.

Fremont, CA: Asian Humanities Press, 1990.

Available as a Chisokudō reprint, 2020

This collection brings together a series of papers delivered at an international symposium on metanoetics held at Smith College, October 1989. The symposium was inspired by publication of the English translation of Tanabe Hajime’s Philosophy as Metanoetics in 1986, which marked another milestone in the introduction of Japanese philosophy to the West. Nineteen representative scholars in the fields of philosophy and religion discuss the implications of metanoetics and other aspects of Tanabe’s thought for our understanding of Shin Buddhism, Christianity, philosophy, and society. Among the wide variety of topics covered are the meaning of Shin Buddhism for the West, the encounter of Buddhism and Christianity, and the relation of religious philosophy to society.

Taitetsu UNNO, before his retirement, was Jill Ker Conway Professor of Religion and East Asian Studies and Director of the East Asian Studies Program at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

James W. HEISIG is a permanent fellow of the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture.