The Self-Overcoming of Nihilism

Nishitani Keiji

Albany, NY: SUNY Press, 1990.

The resurgence of interest in nihilism in the aftermath of the Second World War was not without its echoes in the East. This book, written some 40 years ago but until now unavailable in a Western language, resounds with a reading of nihilism as distinctively Eastern as it is faithful to the intellectual traditions of the West.

As a past reader of Nishitani in both the original Japanese and English translation, I find this manuscript to be the most accessible and clearly written of any book-length work I have read by him. It shows Nishitani as a vital and vigorous thinker, and serves as an introduction to his widely acclaimed Religion and Nothingness..

John C. Maraldo

This is a fine translation of an important work in the corpus of Nishitani’s early writings. The translation is timely both because of the Western interest in Nishitani as a preeminent contemporary philosopher and because of the continuing Western perplexity about the problems Nishitani addresses.

Thomas P. Kasulis