To be Human against All Odds

Frederick Franck

Unionville, NY: Royal Fireworks Press, 1996 (2nd edition).

To Be Human Against All Odds, illustrated with the author’s own drawings and photographs, takes a personal yet radical look at the state to which civilization has driven itself. Against the backdrop of a journey to Japan, Franck probes both himself and others for an answer to the most fundamental of questions: What does it mean to be truly human? In elegantly crafted prose Franck issues a powerful call to unmask our inhumanity and rediscover the Human Imperative.

Provocative…. Superb insight and awakening power in its phrasing and its `trickster’ aspect…. Eventually we must tease the world out of its solemn concern with nothingness.

Thomas Berry

Franck puts forcefully before us the message that human perfection is not an elitist ideal, but a simple realization of the depth of our true humanness.

Raimon Panikkar

A remarkable, multi-dimensional approach to the question of the authentically human…. Provides the essentials of a truly liberal education. I shall unavoidably be ‘cribbing’ from it.

James Luther Adams

An admirable use of English, so sadly rare these days…. Splendid, …profound—a sheer delight!.

Wilfred Cantwell Smith