Esoteric Buddhism and Christianity

Historical Religion and Folk Religion

Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, ed.

Tokyo: Shunjūsha, 1986.

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In an attempt to broaden the base of its dialogues, the fifth Nanzan symposium invited representatives from the mikkyõ or “esoteric” Buddhist tradition of Shingon to discuss with Christian scholars the relationships between popular religiosity and organized religion.

Papers discuss comparatively a wide variety of practices associated with pilgrimages, healing, thaumaturgy, veneration of the dead, and the appeasement of spirits. The discussions take a closer look at the oppressive aspects of superstition and the role of these aspects, as well as at the process of the indigenization of historical religions in Japan.

  • Jan Van Bragt, “An Overview”
  • Yamaori Tetsuo, “Shingon Mikkyō and Folk Religions”
  • Peter Knecht, “Pilgrimage: A Body-and-Soul Experience of Faith”
  • Kanaoka Shūyō, “Shingon Mysticism: Becoming a Buddha in This Very Body”
  • Yamagata Takao, “The Dramaturgy of Jesus’ Touch”
  • Miyasaka Yūshō, “Mikkyō and Symbolism”