Japanese Philosophy Abroad

(English Version)

James W. Heisig, ed.

Nagoya: Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, 2004. x+304 pages

Also available in Japanese

The twelfth bi-annual symposium of the Nanzan Institute took up the problem of the philosophical tradition of Japan and how it has fared abroad. There were two principal foci of the meetings: the history and future prospects of the study and teaching of Japanese philosophy outside of Japan, and the preparation of a Sourcebook of Japanese Philosophy aimed at providing a solid anthology of Japanese philospohical resources from the earliest times up to the present.

To address these two questions, 16 participants from six language-groups— Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish—were invited to Nanzan to deliver papers and discuss projects of common interest, including the Sourcebook. The final day of the conference included a discussion with selected Japanese philosophers and intellectual historians at Kyoto University.

Individual essays may also be downloaded free of charge from the cumulative list of essays on Japanese Philosophy.

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