Pentecostalism and Shamanism in Asia

Nanzan Symposium 16

Paul L. Swanson, ed.

Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, 2013.

Available as a bilingual English/Japanese collection

It is common knowledge that Shamanism is an important part of the religious heritage of Asia. What, then, are the influences and connections between Shamanism and the growth of charismatic Christianity in Asia? The essays in this collection are case studies and analyses that grew out of an international conference, Nanzan Symposium 16, which sought answers to these questions. How can we compare Shamanism and Pentecostalism? How do we define shamanistic elements within Pentecostalism and charismatic Christianity? How should we conduct an academic analysis of Shamanism and Pentecostalism given that Christian believers reject the connection? The essays look at these questions as they appear in various areas and the cultural contexts of Japan, Korea, Brazil, and Sri Lanka.

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In the interest of stimulating debate on the issues discussed in this book, the Nanzan Institute gives permission for copies of this book to be freely downloaded from the Internet, distributed in electronic form to others, and printed out and distributed to others for non-commercial purposes as long as full credit is given to the Nanzan Institute and the text is not altered. Distribution, copying, and printing for educational use is particularly encouraged.

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