Pure Land Buddhism and Christianity

Salvation and Enlightenment

Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, ed.

Tokyo: Shunjūsha, 1990.

Available only in Japanese

The seventh Nanzan symposium was the occasion for a lively dialogue that not only highlighted differences between Pure Land Buddhist and Christian ideas of what it means to be “saved,” but allowed for the rich variety of opinion within each tradition to express itself on the subject.

In addition to systematic discussions of the distinction between religions of salvation and religions of enlightenment, the volume contains a record of the attempts of seasoned scholars from both traditions to address the problem interreligiously.

  • Jan Van Bragt, “An Overview”
  • Shigaraki Takamaro, “Salvation and Personality in Shinran”
  • Yagi Seiichi, “The Language of Religion: Christianity”
  • Fujimoto Kiyohiko, “Salvation in the Pure Land Tradition of Hõnen”
  • Momose Fumiaki, “Understanding Human Salvation in Christianity”
  • Terakawa Shunshō, “The Meaning of Salvation in Shinran

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