Religious Experience and Language

A Buddhist-Christian Dialogue

Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, ed.

Tokyo: Kinokuniya, 1978.

Available only in Japanese

A discussion between several of Japan’s most eminent representatives of the Christian and Buddhist traditions. From the Buddhist side, the participants wrestle with the problem of striking a balance between the Buddha’s preference for silence and the rational systematization of the Buddha’s teachings that took place after his death. In particular, the Zen representatives stress the “bodily” dimension of the word and the superiority of pure experience to its verbal expression. The Christian participants, in contrast, draw attention to the personal relationship between the divine and the human that is reflected in scriptural language.

  • Abe Masao, “Religious Experience and Language”
  • Kajiyama Yūichi, “Word and Silence in Buddhism”
  • Miyoshi Michi, “The God Jesus called ‘Abba'”
  • Iwamoto Taiha, “‘Fundamental Language’ in Shinran”
  • Kadowaki Kakichi, “Kõan and New Biblical Hermeneutics”
  • Ueda Shizuteru, “Experience and Language”

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