Tendai Buddhism and Christianity

Theory and Practice in Religion

Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, ed.

Tokyo: Shunjūsha, 1988.

Available only in Japanese

The sixth Nanzan symposium brought together representatives of the Japanese Tendai Buddhist tradition, on the occasion of the 1200th anniversary of the founding of Japanese Tendai Buddhism on Mt. Hiei, to conduct a Buddhist-Christian dialogue on the theme of theory and practice in religion.

The discussions were organized around a threefold structure (based on the Tendai scheme) of Buddha/God, mind, and sentient beings/nature. In the search for a contemporary meaning to doctrine and practice, the role of social responsibility and religious structures came up frequently in the discussions.

  • Jan Van Bragt, “An Overview”
  • Shiori Ryōdō, “The Buddha in Tendai”
  • Ruben Habito, “The View of Salvation in Buddhism and Christianity”
  • Tada Kōshō, “The Mind in Tendai Doctrine”
  • Jean-Noel Robert, “Theoria as Contemplation”
  • Sakamoto Kōhaku, “Sentient Beings and Nature”

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