What does Christianity have to learn from Buddhism

The Dialogue Among Religions

Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, ed.

Kyoto: Hōzōkan, 1999. 312 pages

Available only in Japanese

The tenth Nanzan symposium focuses on the efforts of a number of contemporary Christian thinkers who have devoted themselves for a generation and more to dialogue with Buddhism. It asks them to reflect on their experience in response to the question, “When all is said and done, what does Christianity have to learn from Buddhism?”

The symposium intself was given mainly to an extended and lively dialogue with Buddhist representatives who have accompanied these Christian thinkers in the dialogue. Only the concluding dialogue is included in the volume itself, which centers on the papers prepared for the symposium.

  • Jan Van Bragt, “An Overview”
  • Honda Masaaki, “The Path to a Theology of Soku”
    -with a response by Nishimura Eshin
  • Odagaki Masaya, “Christinaity and Buddhism: Where is Dialogue Possible?”
    -with a response by Hans Waldenfels
  • Takeda Ryūsei, “Methods and Possibility for Mututal Conversion in the Buddhist-Christian Encounter”
    -with a response by Luis Gómez
  • Onodera Isao, “Holy Spirit and Basho: Foundation for a Theology of the Holy Spirit”
    -with a response by Ishiwaki Yoshifusa
  • Yagi Seiichi, “Turning Direct Experience into Language”
    -with a response by Kawanami Akira

This book not only brings together the results of discussions on ‘interreligious dialogue,’ but suggests ways to widen and deepen that discussion. It is rich in suggestions concerning not only with regard to the dialogue of ‘Christianity and Buddhism,’ but a great deal of mutual dialogue among religions and with religion as such”

Takada Shinryō (Ryūkoku University)

Here is a field, it should be remembered, that has developed by breaking ties with the closed atmosphere of academia. This book may lead a great many readers to a new place in the dialogue among religions.””

Terao Kazuyoshi (Thought Forum 14)

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