Log of Events for 2020–2021

11–12 January The NIRC hosted the fifth meeting of the Nanzan Seminar.
17 February  Lee Janghee, Professor at Gyeongin National University of Education in Seoul, Korea, begins a five-month term as a Visiting Research Scholar.
22 February  Paul Swanson travels to Kyoto for a meeting to prepare for the June conference on Jien to be held at the Ecole de France in Paris.
23 October  A Nanzan Salon is held with Iseki Taisuke of the Nanzan Institute on “Economic Theory and Theories of Religions and Andrea Castellogni of Nagoya City University on “Principal Key Terms and Ideas in the study of Mount Yudono.”
11 December  Tim Graft gives a presentation on “Prayer Zen: Meditation, Disaster Prevention, and Crisis Management at a Contemporary Japanese Prayer Monastery.

15 February  Robert Roche, Jr., joins the staff for six months as an Research Associate.

Other visitors

20–22 February   Mark Mullins, Professor, Auckland University
23 December  Itō Tatsuya, Professor, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies


Cumulative Log 1977–2020