Log of Events for 2018-2019

7–8 January  
   The Nanzan Seminar for the Study of Religion and Culture (A Nagoya University JSPS Core-to-Core Program) was held, with 6 international PhD candidates and post-graduates presenting papers in Japanese.
10 January  
   A Japan-Korea workshop was held on “A Comparative Study of Measuring Religiosity in Korea and Japan,” with 7 presentations by Japanaese and Korean scholars.
28 January  
   Gereon Kopf brings a group of students from Luther College, Iowa, to tour the Institute and meet with the staff.
5–16 February  
   Inuzuka Yū comes for a short research stay at the Institute.
22-23 February  
   An international workshop was held on “Translating Japan’s Religion and Culture: Preparations for a Korean Translation of Japanese Philosophy: A Sourcebook,” with presentations by Japanaese, Korean, Chinese, and Western scholars.
26 February-7 March  
   Murayama Yumi of the Center for Information on Religion (Tokyo) arrives for a short research stay and to assist with an international workshop on gender studies.
26 February-9 April  
   Esther-Maria Guggenmos of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen-Nürnberg, returns for another brief stay as a Visiting Research Fellow.
1 March  
   An international workshop was held on “Religion and gender: Frontline research” with presentations by Japanaese and Korean scholars.
22 May  
   Haewon Yang gives an in-house seminar on "Between Female Agency and Feminist Agency: Telling the Stories of Catholic Women Writers in Japan and South Korea."
5 June  
   Ōsaki Harumi (PhD McGill University) begins a 10-month stay as a Visiting Research Fellow
7 June  
   A colloquium is held with John Maraldo, Professor Emeritus, University of North Florida, on “The Question of Responsibility in Metanoetical Philosophy.”
21–22 June  
   Paul Swanson serves as a Commentator for a Nagoya University/Harvard University International Workshop on “The Forefront of Japanese Religious Studies,” with 6 international PhD candidates presenting papers in Japanese.
22-24 June  
   Matthew McMullen attended the fourth meeting of the “Workshop on Tannishō Commentarial Materials” at Ryūkoku University.
27 June–9 July  
   Raquel Bouso, prefessor at the University of Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, joins us for two weeks to complete a translation project undertaken in collaboration with the Institute.
28 June  
   Paul Swanson gives a presentation at Nanzan University on “What is Translation? Reflections on 30 Years of Translating the Mohe zhiguan” for the first of a series of presentations by professors of the Christian Studies Department.
13 July  
   A Nanzan Salon is held with presentations by Fukahori Ayaka on ”Music Employed by 16th-Century Jesuit Missionaries,” Tim Graf on ”Contemporary Japanese Spirituality and the Justification of ‘Popular Religion’,” and Matthew McMullen on ”Even Kōbō Daishi Makes Theoretical Mistakes: Critical Responses to Kūkai’s Esoteric Buddhism.”
18 July  
   An in-house seminar is held with Ryu Jeidong 류제동 (Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul) on “A Korean Rejoinder to Critical Buddhism with Special Reference to the Question of Social Justice.”
22 July–29 Aug  
   Park Yeonjoo comes to the Institute to pursue her research on medieval Tendai Buddhism.
7-9 Sept  
   Matthew McMullen and Tim Graf attended the Japanese Association for Religious Studies Conference at Ōtani University in Kyoto. The Japanese Journal of Religious Studies advisory board meeting was held on the morning of 8 Sept.
17 Oct  
   A team from Tallinn University, Estonia, visited the Institute to discuss future collaboration. The team consisted of Tõnu Viik, Director of the School of Humanities; Alari Allik, Head of Asian Studies; Marek Tamm, Professor of Cultural History; Maris Saagpakk, Associate Professor of German literature and Cultural Studies; Kristel Toom, Research Coordinator; Siiri Soidro, Head of Studies; Maris Peters, Internationalisation Coordinator; and Kätlin Keinast, Senior Specialist for International Cooperation.
28 Oct
   Tõnu Viik, professor of philosophy at Tallinn University, Estonia, arrives for a month’s research.
10 Nov
   Gotō Haruko delivers an in-house seminar on “Locating Awe: Examples from the Outlying Islands of Okinawa and Northern Kyūshū.”
16-22 Nov
   Tim Graf, Matthew McMullen, and Paul Swanson attend the annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion in Denver.
22 Nov
Nanzan Visiting Research Fellow Jacynthe Tremblay honored with Canada-Japan Literary Award
26 Nov
   A team from l’Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Belgium, visited the Institute to discuss future collaboration. The team consisted of Baudoiuin Decharneux, Professor Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres; Sylvie Peperstraete, Professor Centre Interdisciplinaire d’étude des religions et de la laïcité (CIERL); and Pierre Bonneels, Professor Faculté de Philosophie et Sciences Sociales.
30 November  
   A Nanzan Salon is held with a presentation by Kawamura Tadanobu on ”The Status of Shrines and the Meiji Restoration from a Legal Perspective.”
7 December  
   Paul Groner (professor emeritus, University of Virginia) gave a presentation on ”Reflections on the Movement to Revive the Vinaya in Kamakura Japan, With a Focus on Shingon Ritsu (Esoteric Vinaya) Eison’s Chōmonshū.”
26-27 December  
   Paul Swanson travels to Kyoto to attend the 65th annual CORMOS conference, on the theme “Why is it Wrong to Take Life Lightly? Religion and Capital Punishment.”
14–15 January  
   The Nanzan Seminar for the Study of Religion and Culture (A Nagoya University JSPS Core-to-Core Program) was held, with 5 international PhD candidates and post-graduates presenting papers in Japanese.
19 January  
   Paul Swanson travels to Osaka to serve as a commentator (along with the director Kitamura Minao) at a special showing of the documenary film “Shugen” on the Haguro Aki-no-mine practices.

Other visitors

2 March   John LeBreglio, Editor, The Eastern Buddhist
21 April   Myriam Constantino, Colegio de Mexico
1 May   Anthony Haynes, Clear Water Academy
19 May   Wang Yexing, Staff Reporter, Kyodo News
22–23 May   Clark Chilson, University of Pittsburg
6 June   Kin Cheung, Moravian College
11 June   Aaron Proffitt, University at Albany, SUNY
15–18 June   Elvin Zoet, Tokyo and the University of Utrecht, Netherlands
20 June   Jesse LeFebvre, PhD candidate Harvard University
26 June   Eric Swanson, PhD candidate Harvard University
14 July   Bret Davis, Loyola University Maryland
14 August   Damiano Bonato, graduate student, Università di Padova
27 August   Genivaldo C. de Oliveira, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
30 August   Bruce Winkelman, University of Chicago
23 September   Erez Volk, Translator and Software Engineer, Tel Aviv
31 October   Damian Flanagan, scholar and journalist
6 November   Ian Reader, University of Manchester
3 December   Edin Branković, PhD student, Bosnia
17 December   Kim Hallal, Professor of Philosophy, Sogang University, Seoul, Korea
   Lee Jang Hee, Professor of Ethics, Gyeongin National University of Education, Incheon, Korea; with Jung Kyong Moon
17 January   Thomas Kasulis, Prof. Emeritus, Ohio State University

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