European Journal of Japanese Philosophy

Takeshi Morisato and Leon Krings, editors

The European Journal of Japanese Philosophy, the official academic organ of the European Network of Japanese Philosophy, is a peer-reviewed journal published annually in the fall. Its aim is to provide a forum for critical articles and translations related to Japanese philosophy. Contributions are welcome in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Japanese.

The EJJP is available for purchase at Amazon websites around the world.
Price: US $15
Publisher: Chisokudō Publications
ISSN: 2367-3095

The European Journal of Japanese Philosophy is an Open Access journal.
See the journal’s official web site or click here to view downloadable contents arranged according to author and title. The contents are available for downloading at and are arranged

Vol. 1 TOC and Editors’ Introduction
Vol. 2 TOC and Editors’ Introduction
Vol. 3 TOC
Vol. 4 TOC
Vol. 5 TOC
Vol. 6 TOC

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