Entre le visible et l’invisible

Baudouin Decharneux & Pierre Bonneels (eds.)

These volumes are all available for purchase at Amazon websites around the world. All books are also available as Apple iBooks and as Kindle eBooks.

  1. Baudouin Decharneux & Jaime Derenne (eds.), Chemins Philosophiques: Recherches autour du Visible et de l’Invisible (2017)
  2. Joseph S. O’Leary, Reality Itself: Philosophical Challenges of Indian Mahāyāna (2019)
  3. Matthew C. Kruger, The Gospel and Nothingness (2019)
  4. Furuya Yasuo, Storia della teologia giapponese (2020)
  5. Joseph S. O’Leary, Joysis Crisis: Rereading James Joyce, Theomasochistically (2021)

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