Gospel and Nothingness

Matthew C. Kruger

© Chisokudō Publications, 2019. 276 pp.

Entre le visible et l’invisible 3

The Gospel and Nothingness is a work of Christian theology formed in dialogue with Zen Buddhist philosophy. Using the work of Nishida Kitaro and Nishitani Keiji as a philosophical foundation, this book argues for the centrality of nothingness in Christian life and thought. It accomplishes this end primarily through the interpretation of scripture, exploring passages throughout the Bible in their relation to apophasis, nihilism, emptiness, and meaninglessness. These interpretations are supported with reference to thinkers across the Christian tradition and beyond: from Aquinas, Athanasius, and Bonaventure, to Eckhart, Hemingway, and Wittgenstein, along with contemporary historical-critical scholarship and, finally, the instances where Nishida and Nishitani interpret the biblical text themselves. The first part of the book offers an introduction to the work of Nishida and Nishitani focused on two of their core notions, religion and nothingness. This section works to develop a philosophy of religion for the author, which is then explored in eight subsequent chapters examining concepts including meaning, love, merit, theodicy, creation, and our understanding of God.

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