Japanese Philosophy in the Making 1

Crossing Paths with Nishida

John C. Maraldo

© Chisokudō Publications 2017.. 490 pages

<span style=”color: #811d08;”><strong>Studies in Japanese Philosophy 13</strong></span>

The first of 3 volumes of essays on Japanese philosophy, this work brings together essays that clarify its heritage and its practice, above all in the dynamic thought of Nishida Kitarō. Showing how philosophy takes shape through the translation of language and culture, the author examines the frameworks that have defined and confined Nishida’s thought and then charts new avenues of questioning Nishida and letting him question us.
<!–more–> How should we envision the world at a time of environmental crisis? How might we rethink our conceptions of history, religion and God? How is bodily awareness a way that the world knows itself? And just what can we make of Nishida’s famous notion of nothingness? These are some of the questions that guide the meticulous explorations in this collection.

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