Philosopher la traduction /
Philosophizing Translation

Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy 9

sour la direccion de Uehara Mayuko

Nagoya: Chisokudō Publications, 2017.

For the ninth volume of Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy, titled bilingually in French and English Philosopher la traduction/Philosophizing translation, most of the contributors wrote their articles in foreign languages. By claiming that philosophy has a fundamental “translation-ness”, the editor believes that we can open Japanese philosophy to pluralistic orientations from the perspective of the thematic of “translation,” and in doing so probe into the essential problems of Japanese philosophy. The pieces collected here focus on questions of translation derived from observations of East Asian history and culture where we can place Japanese philosophy. They provide diverse discourses on philosophical translation.

The Preface and table of contents may be downloaded here. Individual essays may also be downloaded free of charge from the cumulative list of essays on Japanese Philosophy.

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