3rd Nanzan Seminar for the Study of Japanese Religions

From 7 to 8 January 2018 the Nanzan Institute will sponsor its third Seminar for the Study of Japanese Religions. The event has been organized in cooperation with Nagoya University as part of a “JSPS Core-to-Core Program.”
   The schedule, with links to the papers to be presented. is given below and is also available for downloading.

7 January (Sunday)

Opening greetings and announcements (1:00–1:10).
Opening lecture (1:10–2:00)

Seminar Session 1 (Presentations=40 min, Discussions=35 min)

  1. Hannah Gould (University of Melbourne / Kanazawa University). “Understanding Religious Materiality through Disposal: A Study of Domestic Buddhist Altars in Contemporary Japan.”
  2. Rebecca Mendelson (Duke University / Komazawa University). “Naikan for the Nation? Kōzengokokukai and Nation-Protecting Lay Zen in Modern Japan.”
  3. Esben Petersen (Goethe University, Nanzan University). “A Case Study in the Genealogy of Religion as Expressed in Swiss and German Missionary Literature.”

  4. Welcoming Party (7:00– )

    8 January (Monday)

    Seminar Session 2 (Presentations=40 min, Discussions=35 min)

  5. Dana Mirsalis (Harvard University, Kokugakuin University). “Can Female Priests Really Live as Normal Women?”
  6. Lindsey E. DeWitt (Kyūshū University). “World Heritage and Women’s Exclusion at Ōminesan and Okinoshima.”
  7. Lunch

    Seminar Session 3 (Presentations=40 min, Discussions=35 min)

  8. Julia Cross (Harvard University, Nagoya University). “Communities of Relic Worship in Medieval Japan.”
  9. Elizabeth Tinsley (Columbia University, Yokohama Municipal University). “Multiplicity and Transformation in Representations of Aizen and Fudo.”

General Discussion & Closing Remarks (4:30–5:30)

Reception (6:00– )

9 January (Tuesday)

Special program at Nagoya University under the direction of Prof. Abe Yoshirō

 James W. Heisig(Japanese Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion
 金承哲 Kim Seung-Chul (Theology, Interreligious Dialogue)
 奥山倫明 Okuyama Michiaki (Religion Study, History of Religions)
 Paul L. Swanson (Buddhology, Religious Studies)

 阿部泰郎 Abe YoshirōNagoya University / Medieval Japanese Literature and Aesthetics, Study of Religious Texts
 栗田英彦 Kurita YoshihikoNanzan Institute for Religion & Culture / Religious Study, Intellectual History of Japan
 岩田文昭 Ishida FumiakiOsaka Normal University / Philosophy of Religion)
 小林奈央子 Kobayashi Naoko Aichi Gakuin University
 近本譲介 Chikamoto KensukeNagoya University / Medieval Japanese Literature and Aesthetics, Study of Religious Texts
 Yulia Burenina (Dōhō University / Modern Japanese Thought, Modern Japan Religions)宗教史)
 吉田一彦 Yoshida Kazuhiko (Nagoya City University, History of Japanese Religions)

 斎藤喬 Saitō Takashi(Religious Studies
 横井桃子 Yokoi Momoko (Sociology of Religion)
 Matthew McMullen (Buddhology)