Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions

A series of books on topics related to religion in East Asia published with Asian Humanities Press. Copies can be ordered through the publisher's website.

  • Once Upon A Future Time Cover

    Once Upon A Future Time

    Studies In A Buddhist Prophecy Of Decline

    Jan Nattier
    Asian Humanities Press, 1991

  • New Wine Cover

    New Wine

    The Cultural Shaping of Japanese Christianity

    David Reid
    Asian Humanities Press, 1991

  • Rennyo Cover


    The Second Founder of Shin Buddhism

    Minor L. and Ann T. Rogers
    Asian Humanities Press, 1991

  • Ecstatic Spontaneity Cover

    Ecstatic Spontaneity

    Saraha's Three Cycles of Dōha

    Herbert Guenther
    Asian Humanities Press, 1993

  • Religion and Society in Modern Japan Cover

    Religion and Society in Modern Japan

    Selected Readings

    Edited by Mark R. Mullins, Shimazono Susumu, and Paul L. Swanson
    Asian Humanities Press, 1993

  • Understanding Shinran Cover

    Understanding Shinran

    A Dialogical Approach

    Hee-Sung Keel
    Asian Humanities Press, 1995