Religion and Society in Modern Japan

Selected Readings

M. Mullins, S. Shimazono, and P. Swanson, eds.

Fremont, CA: Asian Humanities Press, 1993.

For centuries, diversity of belief has been one of the hallmarks of Japanese religiosity. Religion and Society in Modern Japan is designed to provide the serious student of Japan with a broad look at this traditional diversity and a penetrating analysis of the contemporary reshaping of Japan’s religious landscape. The essays in this anthology, combining the best of current Japanese and Western scholarship, are aimed at giving students a variety of perspectives on the significance of religion in modern Japan, with an emphasis on the sociocultural expressions of religion in everyday life.

This book is a must for all introductory courses on Japanese religions, because of the clarity and straightforward presentation of an immense amount of information. It should appear on all required reading lists for courses on comparative religions and on Japanese religions even at the graduate level.

Leslie Kawamura

Mark MULLINS is Professor at Sophia University.

SHIMAZONO Susumu is Professor in the Religious Studies Department of the University of Tokyo.

Paul L. SWANSON is a Permanent Research Fellow of the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture.

Paula Arai’s essay on Sōtō Nuns in Modern Japan and Mark Mullins’s essay on Christianity as a New Religion may be downloaded as a PDF.