Absolute Nothingness and God

The Nishida-Tanabe Tradition and Christianity

Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, ed.

Tokyo: Shunjusha, 1981, 1983.

Available only in Japanese

The third symposium of the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture brought together leading representatives of the Kyoto School of philosophy to discuss matters of common interest between Christian philosophers and theologians and their Buddhist counterparts. This volume is an indispensable source of reference for students of the Kyoto School and the encounter between Christianity and Buddhism in contemporary Japan.

  • Jan Van Bragt, “An Overview”
  • Hans Waldenfels, “The Buddhist-Christian Dialogue in Contemporary World History”
  • Ueda Shizuteru, “Understanding Religion in the Thought of Nishida”
  • Mutō Kazuo, “Demythologizing and Its Relation to Natural Theology”
  • Nishitani Keiji, “The Standpoint of ‘Ascent’ in Buddhism”
  • Takeuchi Yoshinori, “Absolute Nothingness and Tanabe’s Thought.”