Catholicism and Soka Gakkai

Faith, Structures, And Praxis

Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture, ed.

Tokyo: Daisanbunmei-sha, 1996.

Available only in Japanese

In 1996 scholars from the Institute for Oriental Philosophy (located on the campus of Soka University in Tokyo) and the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture joined in symposium to conclude a year’s dialogue between Soka Gakkai and Christianity. The present book is a record of that symposium.

Formal papers on the nature of interreligious dialogue, the role of social praxis in religion, and the relationship between faith and institutional structures make up the core of the book. Each paper is followed by an opening comment and an extended discussion, which is presented here in full.

The publication of this book represents a profound advance in mutual understanding between Catholicism and Soka Gakkai… Nothing could be more satisfying than it if were also to assist others in rethinking the raison d’être of religion in modern society and the contribution it can make to solving the problems of today’s world.

Nakano Tsuyoshi, Director, Institute for Oriental Philosophy

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