Events Envisioning Multi-Cultural and Multi-Disciplinary Engagement: Lessons from the Twelve Wolf Encounter Pictures

July 15th, 2022. 09:00 JST

Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture (hybrid)

Speakers Gereon Kopf

The past decades have seen an increase in theories envisioning multi-cultural encounters and analyzing the hidden and obvious power dynamics that govern them. In this talk, Prof. Kopf suggests an innovative approach to assess and negotiate these theories. Introducing a metapsychology illustrated by original pictures and poems, he examines multicultural engagement as a means to negotiate the major representatives among leading theoretical responses to diversity and globalism and to develop a heuristic model that interprets each theory in their own right. He also envisions innovative strategies that enable co-existence across boundaries, which are both imagined and historically sedimented. Finally, in this talk Prof. Kopf proposes a new theoretical approach to the study of culture and theory.

July 15, 2022 – Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
              Starting time: 15:30 (Japan Standard Time)