Events Permanent Seminar on Nishida Philosophy 第11回『Nishida and Chinese Thought』

June 28th, 2024. 15:30~18:00 JST

NIRC, 217, online

The relationship between Nishida's philosophy and the Chinese cultural universe is varied. On the one hand, one can see various influences on Nishida's thought stemming from Confucianism, Taoism, and Chan and Huayan Buddhism. On the other, Nishida's philosophy is constantly being translated and read in Chinese, resulting in a varied reception. Professor Cheung will introduce us to the topic by also referring to a series of exhibitions and lectures organized this year at the Nishida Study Center in Unoke.

15:30~17:00 Presentation by Cheung Ching-yuen 張政遠 (Associate Professor, University of Tokyo)
“Formless Form”
17:00~18:00 Discussion
南山宗教文化研究所 エンリコ・フォンガロ(