On-Line Resources

  • Japanese Religions: A Photo Archive
  •    A collection of downloadable images related to Japanese religions, based on slides donated to the Nanzan Institute, and added commentary, by Ian Reader.

  • Database of offprints
  •    A listing of over 1,300 offprints archived at the Nanzan Institute.

  • Translations of Kyoto School philosophy
  •    A listing of foreign-language translations of the writings of principal Kyoto School thinkers.

  • Verses from the 『禅林句集』in Zen Sand
  •    A complete and searchable list of all the Chinese verses in Victor Hori’s Zen Sand is available in searchable PDF format.

  • 孝本文庫資料編・目録 Research materials from Kōmoto Mitsugi
  •  Books  Research Notes
       A listing of research materials donated to the Nanzan Institute by the family of the late scholar of Japanese religions, Kōmoto Mitsugi. A report on the materials was published in the pages of the Institute’s annual 『所報』for 2013. [in progress . . .]

  • Links to Recommended Sites with Photo Archives on Japanese Religions
  •    1. A to Z Photo Dictionary: Japanese Buddhist Statuary
    [in progress . . .]