Events Nishitani Keiji Workshop on the Philosophy of Religion: First Session, Nishitani Keiji and Mysticism

May 11th, 2023. 09:30 ~ May 12th, 2023. 18:30 JST

Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture

The first session of the workshop will be held on the topic of “Nishitani and Mysticism.” The main reference will be the 1956 text 『神秘主義』taken from Volume 3 of Nishitani’s Collected Works (pp. 209–217). The goal will be to contextualize and elaborate on Nishitani’s notion of “mysticism” and to use his reflections as groundwork for further explorations into the philosophical significance of the encounter between religions, in particular Buddhism and Christianity. What place does mysticism hold in the development of Nishitani’s thought? What constitutes mystical experience and what is its philosophical significance according to Nishitani? Could a form of mysticism function as a basis for interreligious understanding? Or are there irreconcilable differences between the different religious experiences? What is the significance of Nishitani’s reflections for the contemporary situation in the field of philosophy of religion? Such are some exemplary questions which will guide the contributions to the workshop and discussion between the participants.

To join via Zoom, use this link.

Thursday 11th May: 
Morning: Ryōsuke Ōhashi 大橋良介, Sova Cerda, Joseph O’Leary, Gregory Moss
Afternoon: Gerald Nelson, Marcello Ghilardi, Chika Katō 加藤千佳, Tobias Bartneck

Friday 12th May: 
Morning: Ian Moore, Steve Lofts, Seung Chul Kim 金承哲, Lorenzo Marinucci, Morten Jelby
Afternoon: Lavinia Bon, Francesca Greco, Alberto Giacomelli, Fernando Wirtz