• Nanzan Library of Asian Religion and Culture Cover

    16 books

    A collection of books published in collaboration with the University of Hawai'i Press on topics related to religion and culture in East Asia. Copies can be ordered from the UH Press website and most academic book sellers.

  • Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions Cover

    6 books

    A series of books on topics related to religion in East Asia published with Asian Humanities Press. Copies can be ordered through the publisher's website.

  • Nanzan Studies in Religion and Culture Cover

    17 books

    A series of volumes published with various publishers. Contact publishers for availability.

  • Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy Cover

    8 books

    Collections of essays on Japanese philosophy.

  • Seton Studies in Korean Religions Cover

    2 books

    A series published in collaboration with the Seton Interreligious Research Center in Korea. Edited by Kim Sung-hae and Jim Heisig, the two volumes of the series included essays on Christianity in Korea.

  • 現代世界と宗教 Cover

    6 books


  • Institute Symposia Cover

    14 books

    Since 1978, the Nanzan Institute has hosted symposia designed to bring together domestic and international scholars of religion to discuss critical issues concerning religion in Japan and beyond. Occasionally, the results of these gatherings are published as conference proceedings. Most volumes included in this series are unavailable online or in book stores. Those interested in obtaining copies should contact the staff.

  • 난잔종교문화연구소연구총서 Cover

    4 books

    이 시리즈는 <난잔종교문화연구소연구총서>라는 제목하에서 기획된 것이다. 난잔종교문화연구소는 오랜 기간에 걸쳐서 기독교와 불교와의 대화를 실시해 왔으며, 그 성과는 이미 많은 출판물을 통해서 공표되어 있다. 본 기획은 이러한 연구성과를 한국어로 번역, 출판함으로서 한일양국의 종교간의 대화를 촉진하기 위한 것이다.