Events Expression in the (un)making

March 7th, 2024. 14:00 ~ March 8th, 2024. 17:00 JST


In the field of philosophy, “expression” is a concept that has been explored from various angles, particularly since the 20th century. Regarded as an aesthetic and epistemological category, a mode of experience, and even a way of expressing reality, “expression” can be seen as a bridge category that facilitates transcultural discussions extending beyond the confines of the Western philosophical tradition. Hence, the conference’s objective is to delve into this concept and unravel its multifaceted richness, drawing from diverse cultural and linguistic traditions as comprehensively as possible.


Felice Cimatti (Università della Calabria教授)
Piergiacomo Severini (NIRC)
Alessandro Calefati (NIRC)
山田智正 (NIRC)
Daniela Angelucci (Università Roma Tre教授)
廣瀬純 (龍谷大学教授)
Lorenzo Marinucci (東北大学准教授)
米山優 (名古屋大学名誉教授)
 南山宗教文化研究所 エンリコ・フォンガロ(