Events Knud Løgstrup’s Ontological Ethics

March 26th, 2024. 16:30~18:00 JST

NIRC, Room 217

Speakers Michiel Herman

What does the religious proclamation of Jesus of Nazareth disclose about our existence? With which features of our life does it resonate? Knud Løgstrup’s ethics is an attempt to explore philosophically the fundamental interdependence of human life. Interdependence is rooted in trust, and in trust the other is delivered up to us—we hold something of the other’s life in our hands. According to Løgstrup, this ‘fact of creation’ gives rise to a silent, radical, one-sided and unfulfillable demand. The demand not only reveals what a human being ought to do, but also what a human being is: ethics and ontology are inseparable.
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