Events Kant's Advent in East Asia under a Hegelian Veil: The "Critique of Pure Reason" in Ernest F. Fenollosa's Lectures at the University of Tokyo, 1778 to 1886

April 19th, 2024. 17:00~18:30 JST

NIRC, Room 217 (hybrid)

Rainer Schulzer, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Toyo University

Along with Nishi Amane (1829–1897), Ernest F. Fenollosa (1853–1908) was the most influential figure in the initial reception of Western philosophy in Japan. Fenollosa's teaching at the Tokyo University during its early years marks the first substantial transmission of the philosophies of Kant and Hegel. Thanks to the transcriptions recorded by Kanai Noburu (1865–1933) and Kiyosawa Manshi (1863–1903), we now have a comprehensive picture of Fenollosa's lectures on the History of Philosophy from 1778 to 1886. Based on these sources, I will outline Fenollosa's Hegelian approach to the history of philosophy and the resulting critique of Kant's theoretical philosophy. After assessing the seriousness of Fenollosa's efforts to teach the Critique of Pure Reason, the talk ends with some critical remarks.

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