Events Buddhist Text Translation Seminar

May 31st, 2024. 10:30~12:00 JST


Speakers Matthew D. McMullen

Organized by Matthew McMullen, Senior Research Fellow, Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
The Buddhist Text Translation Seminar is designed to provide researchers who are working on long-term translation projects to discuss their ongoing work in a casual, online format with fellow researchers. The seminar will meet on the morning of the last Friday of the month, six months per year. Participants may join by invitation only. Please contact us here to join.
The first meeting of the seminar will be hosted by Matthew McMullen, who will discuss his translation of Annen’s Kyōji mondō. The Kyōji mondō is a dialogical text that addressed numerous textual and philosophical issues debated among scholastic Buddhist monks in ninth-century Japan. It is also a foundational work for the esoteric Buddhist tradition in Japan.