Events Theology and Activism in Early Meiji Shinto

June 5th, 2024. 15:30~17:00 JST

NIRC Building, Room 217

Speakers Avery Morrow

In Kyoto in 1868–1869, kokugaku theorists from around the country were brought together and asked by Meiji Restoration leaders to implement their ideas. These groups had radically different ideas of how Shinto might be implemented, what that would entail for existing religions, and what sort of kami would be worshipped in the new Shinto.

In this project researcher talk, Avery Morrow will discuss his recent archival research on kokugaku discourse during the early years of the Meiji Restoration. 


15:30~16:15     Presentation of Research by Avery Morrow

16:15~17:00     Discussion