Faith among Faiths

The aim of the Faith among Faiths project is to explore the ways in which living religious faiths can cooperate and enhance one another in the multireligious environment that has come to play an important role in defining the cultural reality of people today. After a generation and more of serious interreligious dialogue in matters of doctrine and social ethics, we felt it important to give more weight to other aspects of the life of religion such as ritual, art and literature, spirituality, meditation, and the care of the earth.

The project is envisioned in 2 stages:

Stage 1: Online Lecture Series

  1. Catherine Cornille on “Re-con-figuring the Uniqueness or Particularity of Christianity through Interreligious Dialogue”
    5 November, 10:00 pm Japan time (8:00 am Boston time)


  2. Pan-chiu Lai on “What Christianity Might have Learned about “Salvation” from the Dialogue with Chinese Religions”
    10 December, 9:00 pm Japan time (8:00 pm Hong Kong time)
  3. Reinhold Bernhardt on “The Second Coming of Jesus Christ in Christianity and Islam”
    14 January (2022) 9:00 pm Japan time (1:00 pm Europe time)
  4. Peter Phan on “What the Catholic Church has Learned from the Interreligious Dialogue.”
    14 April (2022) 9:00 pm Japan time (8:00 am Washington, D.C. time)

Future presentations:

  • Sung Hae Kim on “Humanity’s Pilgrimage toward the Light: The Mystics of World Religions as Torchbearers.”
  • Manuel Gilberto Hurtado Duran, a reflection on “What has Christianity Learned from the Dialogue with the Indigenous Peoples of South America?”
  • Roger Munsi on “The Legacy of the Hidden Christians in Japan.”

Stage 2: International Symposia

In the coming years, we plan to revive our tradition of international symposia held in person at the Nanzan Institute but brought to a halt because of the COVID crisis. At that time, we hope to be able to return to some of the themes discussed in the Faith Among Faith lecture series.