JJRS current issue

vol. 47/2 (2020)


Myōun and the Heike: Monastic Influence in Twelfth-Century Japan
— Mikael S. Adolphson

The Shintoization of Mazu in Tokugawa Japan
— Wai-ming Ng

Immanent Power and Empirical Religiosity: Conversion of the Daimyo of Kyushu, 1560–1580
— Alan Strathern

Historical Counter-Narratives: Japanese Christians’ Advocacy for South Korean Atomic Bomb Victims
— Ágota Duró

Kanda Sōtei: The Shogun’s Sacred Painters and their Realm of Influence
— Tomoë I. M. Steineck


The Inaw of Ishikawa: Ainu Religious Implements in Japanese Shrines and Temples
— Avery Morrow


James C. Dobbins, Behold the Buddha: Religious Meanings of Japanese Buddhist Icons
— Jesse R. LeFebvre

Jessica Starling, Guardians of the Buddha’s Home: Domestic Religion in Contemporary Jōdo Shinshū
— Matthew Mitchell


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