Special Issues of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies

1. Vol. 6/1–2 (1979) Proceedings of the 1978 Tokyo Meeting of the Conférence Internationale de Sociologie Religieuse

2. Vol. 7/2–3 (1980) Focus on Scholars: Yanagita Kunio, Furuno Kiyoto, Aruga Kizaemon, Morioka Kiyomi, and Ikado Fujio

3. Vol. 9/1 (1982) Bryan Wilson in Japan

4. Vol. 9/2–3 (1982) Religion and Literature in Japan
Guest Editor: W. Michael Kelsey

5. Vol. 10/2–3 (1983) Women and Religion in Japan
Guest Editor: Nakamura Kyōko

6. Vol. 11/2–3 (1984) Religious Ideas in Japan
Guest Editor: Jan Van Bragt

7. Vol. 12/2–3 (1985) A Tribute to Heinrich Dumoulin
Guest Editor: James W. Heisig

8. Vol. 13/2–3 (1986) Religion and Society in Contemporary Japan: A Tribute to Yanagawa Keiichi
Guest Editor: Akaike Noriaki and Jan Swyngedouw

9. Vol. 14/2–3 (1987) Tendai Buddhism in Japan
Guest Editor: Paul L. Swanson

10. Vol. 15/2–3 (1988) Folk Religion and Religious Organizations in Asia
Guest Editors: Hayashi Makoto and Yoshihara Kazuo

11. Vol. 16/2–3 (1989) Shugendō and Mountain Religion in Japan
Guest Editors: Royall Tyler and Paul L. Swanson

12. Vol. 17/2–3 (1990) The Emperor System and Religion in Japan
Guest Editor: Peter Nosco

13. Vol. 18/2–3 (1991) Japanese New Religions Abroad
Guest Editors: Mark R. Mullins and Richard Fox Young

14. Vol. 19/2–3 (1992) Archaeological Approaches to Ritual and Religion in Japan
Guest Editors: Mark J. Hudson and Simon Kaner

15. Vol. 20/2–3 (1993) Focus on Japanese Scholarship
Guest Editors: Paul L. Swanson and Thomas L. Kirchner

16. Vol. 21/2–3 (1994) Conflict and Religion in Japan
Guest Editors: Ian Reader and George J. Tanabe

17. Vol. 22/3–4 (1995) The New Age in Japan
Guest Editors: Haga Manabu and Robert J. Kisala

18. Vol. 23/3–4 (1996) The Legacy of Kuroda Toshio
Guest Editor: James C. Dobbins

19. Vol. 24/3–4 (1997) Pilgrimage in Japan
Guest Editors: Ian Reader and Paul L. Swanson

20. Vol. 25/1–2 (1998) Meiji Zen
Guest Editors: Richard Jaffe and Michel Mohr

21. Vol. 26/3–4 (1999) Revisiting Nichiren
Guest Editors: Ruben L. F. Habito and Jacqueline I. Stone

22. Vol. 27/3–4 (2000) Mortuary Rites in Japan
Guest Editors: Elizabeth Kenney and Edmund T. Gilday

23. Vol. 28/3–4 (2001) Local Religion in Tokugawa History
Guest Editors: Barbara Ambros and Duncan Williams

24. Vol. 29/3–4 (2002) Tracing Shinto in the History of Kami Worship
Guest Editors: Mark Teeuwen and Bernhard Scheid

25. Vol. 30/3–4 (2003) Feminism and Religion in Contemporary Japan
Guest Editors: Kawahashi Noriko and Kuroki Masako

26. Vol. 31/2 (2004) Traditional Buddhism in Contemporary Japan
Guest Editors: Stephen G. Covell and Mark Rowe

27. Vol. 32/2 (2005) Essays from the XIXth World Congress of the IAHR, Tokyo, March 2005

28. Vol. 33/2 (2006) Varieties of Pure Land Experience
Guest Editors: Galen Amstutz and Mark L. Blum

29. Vol. 34/1 (2007) Christians in Japan
Guest Editors: Mark R. Mullins and Peter Nosco

30. Vol. 35/1 (2008) Japanese Religions in Brazil
Guest Editors: Rafael Shoji and Frank Usarski

31. Vol. 36/1 (2009) Honoring Helen Hardacre
Guest Editors: Barbara Ambros, Regan E. Murphy, and Duncan Williams

32. Vol. 36/2 (2009) Vernacular Buddhism and Medieval Japanese Literature
Guest Editor: Keller Kimbrough and Hank Glassman

33. Vol. 37/1 (2010) Religion and the Japanese Empire
Guest Editor: Richard M. Jaffe

34. Vol. 39/1 (2012) Aftermath: The Impact and Ramifications of the Aum Affair
Guest Editors: Erica Baffelli and Ian Reader

35. Vol. 40/1 (2013) Onmyodo in Japanese History
Guest Editors: Hayashi Makoto and Matthias Hayek

36. Vol. 41/1 (2014) The Lotus Sutra in Japan
Guest Editors: Paul Groner and Jacqueline I. Stone

37. Vol. 42/1 (2015) Engi: Forging Accounts of Sacred Origins
Guest Editors: Heather Blair and Kawasaki Tsuyoshi

38. Vol. 43/1 (2016) Kōshiki in Japanese Buddhism
Guest Editors: Barbara R. Ambros, James L. Ford, and Michaela Mross

39. Vol. 44/1 (2017) Gendering Religious Practices in Japan: Multiple Voices, Multiple Strategies
Guest Editors: Kawahashi Noriko and Kobayashi Naoko

40. Vol. 45/2 (2018) Modest Materialities: The Social Lives and Afterlives of Sacred Things in Japan
Guest Editors: Caroline Hirasawa and Benedetta Lomi

41. Vol. 47/1 (2020) Esoteric Buddhist Traditions in Medieval Japan
Guest Editor: Matthew D. McMullen

42. Vol. 48/2 (2021) Religion and Identity in Japan since 1940
Guest Editor: Peter Nosco

43. Vol. 49/2 (2022) Borders, Performance, and Deities
Guest Editors: Michael Como and Haruo Shirane (forthcoming)

44. Vol. 50/2 (2023) Searching for Legitimacy: Tenrikyo, Omoto, and “Marginalized” Religions of Modern Japan
Guest Editors: Masato Kato and Takashi Nagaoka (accepted)

45. Vol. 51/2 (2024) The Study of Japanese Religions Past, Present, and Future: Fifty Years of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies
Guest Editors: Matthew D. McMullen and Paul L. Swanson (in planning)