Chisokudō Publications 知足堂


Chisokudō Publications is a publishing venture established in 2016 by a group of academics and public intellectuals wandering around in philosophical fields. As a critical response to the continuously rising price of academic books in the humanities, we are committed to producing high-quality books at an affordable price. In light of the age-old philosophical pursuit of self-awareness, we are currently promoting the publication of works on comparative and Japanese philosophy.
All books are available as Apple iBooks and those in Western language as Kindle eBooks.

The following collections have been prepared in collaboration with the Nanzan Institute for Institute and Culture.

   ◎   European Journal of Japanese Philosophy

   ◎   Classics of Philosophy in Japan

   ◎   Studies in Japanese Philosophy

   ◎   Studia philosophica

   ◎   Entre le visible et l’invisible

   ◎   Frontiers of Japanese Philosophy (vol. 8~)

   ◎   Other titles