Benjamin Dorman

Permanent Fellow, Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture

Professor, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Nanzan University

Ben Dorman received his PhD from the Australian National University’s Faculty of Asian Studies in 2002. A list of publications can be found here. His book, Celebrity Gods: New Religions, Media, and Authority in Occupied Japan (University of Hawai‘i Press, 2012), focuses on two new religions during the Allied Occupation period and media representation. He is working on a book project concerning architecture and postwar new religions.

He joined the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture in 2003 as the associate editor of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies and Asian Folklore Studies (now Asian Ethnology). In 2005 he became co-editor of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, a position he retired from in 2012 in order to concentrate on Asian Ethnology. In 2008, when he became a permanent member of the Institute, he became co-editor of Asian Ethnology, together with Scott Schnell (University of Iowa), who remained in that position for three years. In 2012, Frank Korom of Boston University joined as co-editor.